FOY 1 – Lesson 6




EXTRA VOCABULARY: to be just in time (chegar na hora certa/a tempo)/ silly hat (chapéu bobo)/ to make a wish (fazer um pedido)


–   Hey. Ernie. I’m home.

–   Oh! Hey you Bert. You are just in time, Bert.

–   Ernie. What’s going on? Why are you wearing that silly hat for?

–   Oh! Hey, you see Bert…I’m about to sing “Happy Birthday to U”

–   Oh! Look Ernie. It’s not my birthday!

–   Oh, I know that, Bert.

–   Why are you singing “Happy Birthday to me”?

–   I’m not singing “Happy Birthday to you”! I’m singing “Happy Birthday to the letter U”!

–   Happy Birthday to U

–   Happy Birthday to U

–   Happy Birthday dear letter

–   Happy Birthday to U

–   Hey, U? Wanna blow out the candles?

–   Me?

–   Not you, Bert!

–   Make a wish!

–   I wish I wasn’t here.

–   No, not you Bert.

–   Oh U!